Covid 19

Covid 19 – Mobile Therapies Risk Assessment

Honey Bee Therapy have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure every mobile treatment  is as safe as possible.

Below, you can read our full risk assessment in line with government guidelines.

Before the mobile treatment

-Client or someone from their household is infected with Covid-19 or is in close contact with an infected person

-Client within vulnerable population

-Client unaware of transmission risks and additional hygiene measures needed

Mitigating actions:
As per government guidelines, we are communicating with all clients  multiple times before, during and after their treatment to make sure :

– Do not show any symptoms

– Haven’t been in contact with someone showing symptoms;

-Haven’t been abroad in the last 14 days,

-Understand additional hygiene measures and that the use of PPE will be required for their treatment.

When travelling to appointments
-Contamination risk when using petrol stations through touching contaminated surfaces

-Contamination through touching doorknobs and other contaminated surfaces upon arrival and departure from client’s home

Mitigating actions:
-Limit your use or time in petrol stations

-Wear protective equipment while travelling  and at petrol (mask + gloves)

-Use a cover table when travelling between bookings

-Therapist to  use disposable tissues and immediately dispose of them safely if they need to touch doorknobs or other potential sources of contamination in the client’s home

During the Mobile Treatment
-Professional carrying out the service when they show symptoms or have been exposed to coronavirus within the last 14 days

-Contamination due to poor ventilation of treatment space

-Contamination due to close proximity between the professional and client. This is one of the cases identified by the government where a service cannot be carried out with the 2m distance rule.

-Contamination by other household members

Mitigating actions:

-If therapist develops  symptoms they will isolate for 14 days

-Therapist will follow a CPD-accredited COVID19 transmission prevention training provided by an independent external provider

-Therapist will wear mandatory PPE relevant to treatment being provided

-Clients are advised to be alone with the therapist in the room they receive their treatment in, without the presence of other household members

-Clients are asked to wear a face covering during all treatments

-Clients are also encouraged to open windows during their treatments

After Treatment 
-Therapist or client develops symptoms in the 14 days following the booking

Mitigating actions:
-Clients will be contacted 14 days after their booking to confirm they haven’t developed any symptoms

-Therapists will to check themselves for symptoms according to NHS guidelines everyday before starting work.

-Therapists will let clients should they develop any symptoms


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