All you need to do is to decide where in your home you would like your mobile massage therapy to take place. I recommend a peaceful, calm and warm room. I will arrive with my mobile massage bed (it’s a proper massage bed, it just happens to fold for travel) and everything needed for your home massage therapy experience, including the towels. If you prefer to use your own towels let me know.

Whilst I am setting up you will be asked to complete a consultation form. You will be covered with a towel throughout your treatment and only the areas I am working on will be uncovered. At the end of your massage therapy session I will leave the room to let you get dresses, then quietly return to pack up and leave you to rest and enjoy the benefits of your treatment for the rest of the day or evening. Please do drink plenty of water after your massage treatment and allow yourself time to rest.

At the end of your treatment feel free to put your next session in the diary with your me so you have another thing ticked off your list and your next appointment to look forward to.