Rose Hip Seed Oil

Creating bespoke aromatherapy blends for clients is what we love doing at Honey Bee Therapy . We are passionate about the healing powers essential oils and natural ingredients can have.
When the right type and balance of essential oils are chosen, the result can be a glowing, improved, healthy complexion – whatever your age or skin type! Sensitive or dry, combination or oily, mature or hormonal skin, perhaps you have blemish prone skin or suffer from issues such as eczema or rosacea.

After the completion of a consultation form to you via email, a blend of carrier oils and essential oils, each specifically chosen for their therapeutic benefits to suit your needs, will be formulated, created and available for you to enjoy within 5 working days.


Bespoke Face Oil 

Bespoke Facial Night Serum

Bespoke Facial Cleansing Oil 

Bespoke Facial Toner

Bespoke Facial Exfoliator 

Bespoke Facial Mask 

Bespoke Facial Moisturiser

Bespoke Body Oil 

Bespoke Bath Oil

Bespoke Hair Oil

Bespoke Body Scrubs

Bespoke Body Butter 

Bespoke Pillow Mist 

Bespoke Pulse Point Roll-ons