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Ladies Pamper Parties – Top Tips

A Pamper Party is when a group of ladies  get together to celebrate a special occasion such as a hen weekend, birthday party, baby shower, or just spending quality time with the girls. Each lady would then receive a  treatment and enjoy being pampered.

To help your home  pamper party run smoothly and efficiently as possible we have put together a list of some helpful tips.

♦ Make sure the pamper party  is a comfortable temperature – You may have to remove some items of clothing for massage treatments & facial treatments so ideally not to chilly

♦ Try to have the room nice and tidy space so we can work around the therapy couch

♦ Lightly scented candles or insense stick and  we will bring some soothing  spamusic will help        create a relaxed mood

♦ If possible have a separate room for the massages and facials to take place for privacy and          relaxation

♦ Ensure your friends arrive about half an hour before treatments are due to start so once we        are set up we are ready to go

♦ We advise that you only invite a number of people that can comfortably fit in your home

♦ Food and drink – we recommend that you provide some healthy nibbles and advice your              guests to drink alcohol in moderation if they are having a massage treatment.

For more information regarding our pamper party service you can contact Sarah

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