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Why Organic Beauty Is Important & What You Need To Know

With so much conflicting information online and on social media  it’s no wonder purchasers are confused.   The labels on your supposedly “natural”  products can be pretty misleading. This marketing technique is known as greenwashing. Unlike food, there is currently no legal standard or regulation  in place for organic cosmetics meaning products can be labelled as ‘green’ or ‘natural’ and actually contain little to no organic or natural ingredients at all .

Many cosmetic and skincare products on the market have been known to contain toxic ingredients therefore  choosing an  organic beauty brand provides a safer alternative . 

Why I choose Organic 

After suffering from acne through my teen years and later developing psoriasis in my early 20s my skin has always been extremely sensitive and difficult to treat.  Over the years I have tried many lotions and potions all promising miracle cures but to no avail.  The supposedly natural ‘herbal’ shampoo irritated my scalp and the “No Nasties” skincare products brought my skin out in a rash. A friend of mine suggested I try Organic Shea Butter for my often red dry and cracked knuckles. The difference and improvement was remarkable whilst I’m not claiming it was an overnight cure,it worked far better than anything I had used in the past. This is what sparked my interest in organic beauty and I started educating on the true meaning of natural and organic in the skincare industry. The more research I did, I found there were very few products on the market in the Uk that are truly organic. Our skin is more than an outer covering its the largest in the body. Much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body. 

The Organic Products Used In Professional Treatments at Honey Bee Therapy

After a chance meeting with  Jo at a spa I was working in who owned a skincare company Organics At Home I decided to use her products in my facial and body treatments.  Jo is passionate about empowering people with knowledge and open people’s’ minds about the wonderful benefits of natural ingredients and the dangers of synthetic additives found in so many products on the market. I firmly believe in keeping it local and supporting other women in business . With Jo being a fellow Essex business and manufacturing her products in Hockley I felt that choosing Organics At Home was the perfect choice for myself and my business. 

Organics At Home products are pure & safe. And they fully conform to the European Cosmetics Products Safety Regulations.

I am confident that when you have tried Organics At Home Skincare you will never want to go back to synthetic & toxic alternatives.

You can booked a Organics At Home facial or Skincare Treatment by contacting me on

Tel :07939225872 or 

Try Before You Buy 

We know you will love our products and that they will do wonders for your skin – but don’t just take our word for it, hold a party of your own to try them.  Your will receive FREE PRODUCTS and get to try everything to suit you and your skin type.  Your friends will thank you for inviting them!  They can try our products too in a relaxed atmosphere.

In return for inviting us into your home you will receive:

  • a unique thank you gift (gifts will vary from month to month).
  • free products (amount dependent upon sales from guests).
  • 10% discount on anything else you choose to buy or
  • 15% discount on anything else you choose to buy if 2 guests book parties*

You can see how much you can benefit!  We want you to enjoy our products.

You can enquire by email at or call Jo on 07803 345096


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